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It's not just about making stuff. It's about making stuff well.
Custom software applications designed & developed for you.

Umbrella Labs Services

Software. Marketing. We have you covered.

Software Development

No idea is too small. With the right vision, we will put together the best team to fit your needs.

Web Design

Clean, modern, mobile-responsive sites. Wordpress makes it easy to keep your site up to date.


Discover. Strategize. Design. We use the #brandhack method to quickly create your brand from scratch.

Software Testing

Our team has years of game, app & program testing under their belt. Save yourself a headache. Let us design & run your testing program.

Coaching & Consulting

We'll help you work through your ideas to make them bullet-proof. Just need tutoring? Hangout with us!

Creative Media

Need a song, video, photo session, or a cool painting? Our network of artists can make it happen.

Current Project: Flowe

Flowe is a next-gen business management tool designed for solo entrepreneurs and single employer businesses.

  • Manage Interactions

    CRM on steiroids. Emails, calls, texts, chat, webinars, skype - you name it, Flowe tracks it.

  • Business Chores

    Bids, Sales, Accounting, Files, Schedule, Communication. All seamlessly integrated in one place.


Current Project: MESA

MESA aims to bring the future of interactivity to the traditional kiosk. Utilizing the latest 3D touchless motion capture technology, MESA lets visitors use gestures to interact with advertisements.

  • Made with Kinect

    MESA harnesses the power of Microsoft's Kinect sensor to detect visitors and let them touchlessly interact with kiosk ads.

  • Advertiser Platform

    No more bidding for ad placement. Pay for exactly what you need. The web based management platform lets you easily create your ads & see how they are performing.


A quick look at some of our past work.

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